Mishka’s New Clothes

Mishka’s moved to the building next to the Varsity Theater, which is fitting since their owner is one and the same. There are higher ceilings, nicer lamps, nicer jars on the walls. That’s about it. The front seating area where “The Rule” is enforced seems to be a little larger, while the cramped general seating area is tighter than public transit. I almost feel like I have to steal the armrest before my neighbor does. And because 90% of the patrons are students or professors with bags of some kind, get ready to get your head and shoulders smacked as they try to maneuver their way past you.

This doesn’t seem to stop the place from filling up. It is crowded to the point where not necessarily friendly strangers will plop down on the other side of your tiny table without a word and start enjoying their coffee. While amusing to watch the uncomfortable averting of gazes, it emphasizes the pent up demand for a good cafe in Davis.

The quality continues to swing wildly, the last cap I had was totally drinkable. The blend/coffee they use, however, is still boring as hell.