New Temple Digs

Temple has been on a roll. I previously mentioned that Temple’s bean offerings were hit or miss. Some were decent, others were terrible. I have no idea why the quality varied so much.

Recently, their offerings have been consistently very good, some are even amazing. Unfortunately, it seems that there is still some inconsistency between batches. One of their Ethiopias, Nigusie Lemma, was excellent the first 12oz. I went back after the first bag and bought another one. This one was decidedly worse, slightly above average. Both had roast dates that were roughly 5-6 days old. Then I tried the Columbia, and it was awesome.

On September 10th, Temple had their grand opening of their new location, a mere block away from the old. Their drinks were very good, as they have been for the past month or so. This is a nice surprise since drink quality was always inconsistent at Temple. It could be that they simply have fewer baristas so there is less variance, but whatever the reason, I hope it continues.

Their new space is impressive. Tall windows and open space, Temple trades its lived-in comfy bookstore feel for a bright modern look. With long black ceder tables and a bar for street watching, it almost feels like a transplant from San Francisco. I think it’s a big improvement, but others may miss the more homely feel of the old space. The clientele seems to have slightly shifted as well, a little more business folk.

You should go. When you go, get the Kenya Karatu AA pour-over, it’s the most delicious coffee I’ve had for months.