I moved to Davis, CA and found too many cafes. Reviews on the Davis Wiki were cruel, always promising the best coffee1 ever but only delivering heartbreak. If only there were more coffee snobs reviewing these cafes, I wouldn’t have to waste my time and money testing their bad coffee…

What is good coffee?

You can read about it and even try to make some yourself by following the links on the side. If you’re willing to travel, you can just visit one of these cafes that are in nearby cities.

  • Chocolate Fish Coffee, Sacramento
  • Temple Coffee _ Tea, Sacramento
  • Blue Bottle Cafe, San Francisco
  • Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco
  • Ritual Coffee, San Francisco
  • Barefoot Coffee, San Jose

Why a range of scores?

The greatest variable at cafes without standards is the barista. At Starbucks and Peets, you don’t have to worry about getting bad coffee, you know you will get bad coffee. They have standards. You will get coffee within a narrow spectrum of quality.

At local cafes without standards, you don’t know what you will get. Sometimes the barista quality at the same cafe varies a lot.


Comments Score
Highly recommended. Excellent coffee, espresso, and milk. A
Recommended. Better than average coffee that is enjoyable. B
Not recommended. You know the story, your average bad coffee. C
Folgers or worse. D
Will be out of business soon. F
  1. By coffee, I usually mean espresso and espresso based drinks. Why would I even bother trying brewed coffee at a cafe that doesn’t even make it fresh? The only exceptions to this are Davis Food Co-Op and Let Them Eat Cake, which offer pour over coffee.