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Gorgeous Foam

Cargo Coffee Barista “Cappuccino with gorgeous foam!” Me O_O *sees milk* =_= *sips milk* -_-

Mishka’s New Clothes

Mishka’s moved to the building next to the Varsity Theater, which is fitting since their owner is one and the same. There are higher ceilings, nicer lamps, nicer jars on the walls. That’s about it. The front seating area where “The Rule” is enforced seems to be a little larger, while the cramped general seating […]

I like tables

I go for personality, but that’s a damn fine table. I believe cafes should make you comfortable. They are centers for relaxing, talking, music, art, and sometimes, work. But work in a cafe is not really ever work, its pleasure. Unless you’re the barista, then it might be work. Sitting in a cafe, especially in […]