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Mishka’s New Clothes

Mishka’s moved to the building next to the Varsity Theater, which is fitting since their owner is one and the same. There are higher ceilings, nicer lamps, nicer jars on the walls. That’s about it. The front seating area where “The Rule” is enforced seems to be a little larger, while the cramped general seating […]

Mishka’s downgrade

Reader Rin left a comment a while ago about how Mishka’s really doesn’t deserve its A- high end, I have to agree. Another undrinkable cappuccino and that annoying chocolate covered espresso bean that melted onto the cup brought reality back. The milk was practically boiled and the “foam” was scooped and kind of shaped with […]

Coffee, I enjoy it.

I was recently called out by a reader, was I just spouting terms and trashing cafes and coffees without actually having real experience with good coffee? Well, no, but I can see how I could come across that way. We had a nice conversation over email and he advised that I talk about coffee I […]

More Mishka’s Confusion

Wow, what is going on. I visit Mishka’s for another taste test to get some kind of consensus on the baristas and I get a barista I’ve never seen before. Dark brown haired girl with practiced moves. I get the best coffee to date in Davis. Very rich tasting, milk was steamed just right, good […]

Mishka’s mystery barista

Mishka’s is probably the most cafe-like cafe in Davis and also the most popular. Even the draconian Rule, reserving a section of the cafe for non-working/studying, doesn’t deter students and from flocking there. While I haven’t worked or studied in years, I find the rule a little pretentious even for Davis, the little town that […]