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Insight Coffee Roasters: First Shot

Sorry Davis, this is another cafe in Downtown Sacramento. Very impressed. When I visited, they only had coffee in a vacpot since their drip bar wasn’t setup yet. If they don’t have that setup when you visit, pass on the coffee and get an espresso/macchiato/cap/etc. Edit: They now have their drip bar setup, and its […]

Broadacre Coffee: First Shot

Broadacre Coffee by Rijel Violet, on Flickr Broadacre Coffee is in the old Temple location. I have no doubt they will be a very popular cafe. I’ve tried various drinks of theirs and am not too impressed. It’s probably not the beans either, since they use Ritual and Verve coffee. I’ve had many varieties from […]

New Temple Digs

Temple has been on a roll. I previously mentioned that Temple’s bean offerings were hit or miss. Some were decent, others were terrible. I have no idea why the quality varied so much. Recently, their offerings have been consistently very good, some are even amazing. Unfortunately, it seems that there is still some inconsistency between […]

Yelp widgets for WordPress

You may have noticed that sometimes I will include a little Yelp badge for a cafe I’m talking about in my posts or a page. If you want to use it on your own WordPress site, you can view it on WordPress’ plugin directory or checkout detailed instructions on installation on this site. Below is […]

Something happened, in Davis

What strange punctuation and choice of linebreak. Mishka’s, dear Mishka’s; your new Mcbuilding hasn’t improved you at all. -YesItsMe

Best cafe in Davis

I’m a coffee guy. If a cafe (coffee house) doesn’t have good coffee, it doesn’t exist in my mind. So what is the best cafe in Davis? Temple or Chocolate Fish… in Sacramento.

Roasted Chocolate Fish

Chocolate Fish Coffee has recently begun roasting their own coffee. I’ve only had two cups so far, but it is one of the tastiest coffees I’ve brewed at home in a long while. Go visit and have a traditional cappuccino (the smaller one) and buy some beans.

Food Co-Op DNE Pachamama

Someone finally responded to my question about who exactly ran the coffee counter in the Food Co-Op. Answer: Not Pachamama, get your effin facts straight. That’s not really what the General Manager of Pachamama said, but he did seem kind of eager to distance himself from it. Apparently they did run it in the beginning […]

Chocolate Fish

It turns out that Temple is NOT the closest good coffee to Davis, Chocolate Fish Coffee is closer to Davis by about a mile. Located at the corner of 3rd and Q, they’re conveniently located right off the freeway but not surrounded by much else. They offer their cappuccinos in the curiously large 8oz (which […]


I finally escaped the coffee desert of Davis, but I’m still stuck in the Yolo county. Moving sucks, but it was worth it. While I’ve had plenty of time to write up the Pepper Peddler review, I’m still waffling on posting it. Here’s the gist of it: better than from the co-op (freshness), light roast […]